Thursday, June 13, 2013

Update on the Craft Room

Wow! Three weeks of no updates, but I have been busy filling orders and learning how to make (PC) polymer clay canes, so at least there's a real reason instead of an excuse!

I am loving the Youtube tutorials on making  PC canes, or I'd have all ready given up. I apparently have "hot hands," because I have to let the canes cool off in the refrigerator or even overnight before I do any slicing! I also have button orders, so I need to get these done this week!

Anyhow, the craft room is finally organized ~ or as organized as it is going to get until I get to go shopping, since the room is only 10'x10', and I have so much stuff. I'll have to take pics, but I now have work areas designed for sewing, beading, knitting, cross-stitch, candles, and working with the polymer clay. I'll admit the room still feels crowded, but I refuse to put things back into my bedroom where they were stored!

I don't have enough containers to hold all my beads so that I can actually see them without having to resort to removing lids from the boxes I made. That is most annoying when I'm looking for one particular set of beads or stones! I also don't have shelves for my fabric (yet), but they're on their way.

I went to Hobby Lobby two days ago, and spent $35 on glass and plastic jars, and I'll be going back in a couple of weeks to get more in a variety of sizes, along with some shelving to install in one corner so I can get my fabric unpacked and within reach of my sewing center.

I have an online friend who is having one entire floor of her house remodeled, and she's getting a much needed larger craft room. When she showed me pics of how her fabric was stashed before the remodeling began, I practically drooled. I'm hoping to be able to follow her example!

She loves to sew, and she's quite good at it! You can find her at Feathered Ruffles, and do read her story about how she had to learn to sew. It's quite funny! :)

My poor little pug is most confused. For the past couple of months, I have been working on my beads out in the sunroom. He'd gotten so used to sleeping under the table, that he spent last night running from the sunroom to the craft room wondering why I was in a different room. Poor Poppy ~ He's a sweetheart, but he dislikes any kind of change in his little routines ~ mostly sleeping soundly under my feet! LOL

Anyhow, I have orders for PC buttons and flowers, and that ended up in the sunroom too. My wax melter for the candles has been out there since I bought it, but it will now be set up on a tv tray in the corner ~ out of my way, yet convenient to the crafting table so I can just melt and pour.

My craft room is that full ~ either that, or my organizational skills are seriously failing. As picky as I am about how things are displayed, that seriously scares me! 

I have Laura, over at Organizing Junkie to thank for her PROCESS method of getting rid of the junk, or I would probably still be wondering how in the world I was going to find a place for everything. I'm also going to be following Toni over at A Bowl Full of Lemons, and do her 14 week challenge, and I can't end this without a shoutout to Kim and her lovely blog on beautiful craft rooms over on Everything Etsy! I at least know that now I have a start to getting my house whipped into shape, and it doesn't hurt to know that there are Dollar Store Divas out there! =D

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